Toolzone 10pc Tap Set - TP110

Toolzone 10pc Tap Set - TP110

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Metric Rethreading / Threading Taps

Suitable for cutting new or cleaning existing threads in metals and other softer materials for example steel / aluminium etc...

Set Includes-:

1 x tap holder (manufactured from alloy steel for strength and durability / knurled grip handles for comfort and grip especially in oily conditions / Suitable for taps from M2 M12-)

Sizes: M3 X 0.5- M3.5 X 0.6- M4 X 0.7- M5 X 0.8- M6 X 1.0- M7 X1.0- M8 X 1.2- M10 X 1.5- M12 X 1.75