Toolzone 15mm/22mm Pipe Bender - PB050

Toolzone 15mm/22mm Pipe Bender - PB050

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15mm and 22mm Pipe bender Plumbers Tool Bending Bender Copper Tube PB050

Suitable for professional or occasional use

Heavy Duty Plumbers Pipe Bender

Bends 15mm and 22mm Pipes

This is a professional quality plumbers pipe bender with the extra long handles to give you a lot more leverage to bend copper pipes very easily.

The handles are very strong and have contoured rubber grips to help stop you slipping when applying pressure.

High quality tool for bending 15mm and 22mm O/D diameter copper tubes.

Cast aluminium formers and guides for bending up to 90.

Two high quality cast guides of 15 and 22 mm are included.

The precision form wheels are accurately positioned pre set rollers means you will get a perfect pipe bend every time you use it.


Extra long handles

Rubber grips

Precision form wheels

Accurately set rollers

Perfect bend every time

Bends up to 180 degrees ( 2 x 90 degrees bends)

Heavy duty