Toolzone 5pc Small S hooks - HW028

Toolzone 5pc Small S hooks - HW028

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5pc S Hooks with Ball Ends

Pack of 5 Chrome Plated S hooks

Each hook comes with ball ends for easier hanging on benches doors & shelves. As you can see below the Hook provides a strong hold for every day kitchen items. If you have the hook hanging from an edge the hook does not slip from side to side when removing an item from the hook saving smashed kitchen utensils.

Ideal for use in kitchen for hanging saucepans utensils

Use around the home and in the garage or shed for tools

Above a photo of the hook demonstrating what it can hold. On there is a lightweight item- a medium weight item and a heavy item in the tape measure.


Length 80mm

Diameter 5mm

Diameter of Ball Ends 7mm