Marksman 50pc O Ring Assortment - 62010

Marksman 50pc O Ring Assortment - 62010

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Ideal for Plumbing-Garage Or Workshop
Suitable for Hydraulics- Air And Gas
Pack Of Approx. 50 PCs In 12 Different Size Rings And Washer Seals
Made With Rubber and Good Quality
Ideal For Plumbing Work To Tight Aluminium Darts Barrel And Tight Tap- Sink- etc...
Colour - Black
Includes The Most Popular Sizes :
19.1x25.4mm x3
19.1x23.8mm x3
20.6x27mm x3
17.5x22.2mm x3
15.9x19.1mm x5
15.9x20.6mm x3
11.1x15.9mm x3
12.7x17.5mm x3
14.3x19.1mm x3
9.5x12.7mm x8
9.5x14.3mm x5
6.4x9.5mm x8