Sikaflex EBT+ Adhesive - Sealant - filler - 511395

Sikaflex EBT+ Adhesive - Sealant - filler - 511395

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Quick curing time: Rapid two in one- easy to use- high grab adhesive and sealant that is skin time 70 minutes - curing ~3mm per 24hours
Instant high grab adhesive: Incredible high strength adhesion and non-slip properties that bonds to most common building substrates including brick- metals- concrete etc.
Permanent Elastic Seal: Long-lasting flexible and elastic seal suitable for filling and sealing internal and external cracks.
Exterior and interior uses: Ideal for bonding mirrors to most common surfaces- sealing vertical expansion joints- jointing cladding panels and much more.
Available in Grey- Brown- Black-. White and Beige.