Soudal Mitre Kit - 115103

Soudal Mitre Kit - 115103

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Soudal Mitre Kit Standard is a cyanoarcrylate based high viscosity adhesive with aerosol activator. Mitre Kits are especially useful for production lines and uPVC window trims. The activator reduces blooming and odour and the product is a non-yellowing formula. Fast acting, easy to use and curing occurs almost instantly. Mitre kits can be used within furniture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries where the instant bonding time drastically reduces assembly times for mitre joints when compared to conventional wood adhesives. Furniture manufacture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries, Instant Bonding of MDF, Rubber, PVCu, metals and most plastics. High bond strength, high viscosity, ideal for vertical surfaces. 50g glue comes with 200ml aerosol & 100g glue comes with 400ml aerosol.